A Poem for Fibro Warriors

I’m sure somewhere there is a voodoo doll of me 

With someone sticking pins in my neck, arms and knee

I feel like I’ve fallen down several flights of stairs 

But when I look there’s not a single bruise there

It hurts when I stand up, lie down or sit

I can’t remember the last time I didn’t hurt a bit 

Some days I feel so tired of dealing with this pain 

Especially when I know tomorrow it will be there again 

Along with all the other symptoms that we fibro warriors fight

Like fatigue and not sleeping through the night

We know invisible illnesses are difficult to understand 

But sometimes we just need a little helping hand 

A hug, a smile, the kettles on are the best remedies for me

Along with Pain Slayer by MCC

You cannot take the pain away we know we still will flare

But it really makes a difference knowing that you care

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