Great Products

Having used other products on the market, we know from experience that our products our great. They don’t just smell amazing though, they work perfectly too. Don’t take our word for it though, see reviews from our customers taken from Facebook:

I can’t get enough of Pain Slayer! It’s like a magic potion in a jar. I just can’t be without it now. I recently placed my third order, for the largest jar this time, because I keep running out. Even my husband loves it for the aches and pains he gets from running! It really does work wonders on my fibro pain and I can’t recommend it enough. – Shirley Sully

Natural Ingredients

M.C.C.  only use sustainable and natural oils to create wonderful products. Being nature lovers, the company is run with the philosophy of using natural ingredients sourced from sustainable sources grown organically. All products are pesticide and GMO free and none are animal based or derived. There are no synthetic fragrances in the oils, just natural essential oils that you will love. They hope that as with the biker community, the M.C.C. Community will also have a sense of family that the customer will want to feel part of. .

UK Manufactured

All M.C.C. products are manufactured here in the UK, just outside of Manchester. Buying from us is helping to support local businesses in your area.


Mark and Beki met in 2016 and are both active members of the biking community. Mark’s scientific background, love and extensive understanding of natural remedies was the perfect blend of knowledge that led to him formulating natural products. Beki’s experience in health products and background in herbal treatments, including Aloe Vera products, made for a complimentary teaming up of skills.


I’ve always been interested in science because I am basically very nosey and want to know how and why things are the way they are and science seeks to explain this. I’ve always had a great love for nature too and like nothing better than being in the great outdoors. Nature is a great inspiration and I have long held the belief that there is a cure for anything in nature waiting to be discovered. A new form of science, what I call natural science is the way forward.”

Being bikers is like being part of a large extended family. It’s amazing the sense of camaraderie that two wheels create and when in need we really pull together to help each other. This is the philosophy Mark and Beki have created this company with, bringing something to the family.


M.C.C. are the U.K’s leading holistic company specialising in  fibromyalgia, a long term chronic pain illness that also causes fatigue and insomnia. The first product that Mark made for Beki was Sleepy Head to help combat her insomnia, quickly followed by Pain Slayer Comforting Balm, which is now M.C.C’s flagship product.


I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2013 and have since undergone all kinds of industrial medications, many of which were detrimental to my health, to treat my symptoms,. Nothing seemed to work. One of the worst effects of this condition is the insomnia, leaving you utterly drained and fatigued. Having discovered something that really works and has made life not just tolerable again but actually almost normal, I felt I just had to share this with others. I’ve also got the added bonus of naturally manageable hair, my straighteners are in the drawer!

Originally they used the products on themselves but they felt that they had found something that worked so well that they couldn’t keep it a secret. They trialled Sleepy Head on insomniacs, fibromyalgia sufferers, people with anxiety and shift workers both friends and strangers and were amazed at the feedback. A 100% success rate right across the board. They were also getting fantastic feedback on the other products they had designed with bikers needs and preferences in mind and that was the moment M.C.C was born.


Mark and Beki have lots of exciting ideas for new products to add to the range in the future all using natural ingredients. They will also be keeping an open ear and would welcome customer feedback and suggestions for improvements and new products.