A recipe for feeling happy and how to jar it!

Do you have a couple of tins of soup in your kitchen cupboard at home that have been there for ages? You know the chance of ever eating them is not going to happen anytime soon but just knowing they are there is reassuring. Perhaps you have a habit of collecting pens, or sugar sachets, […]

If you don’t have a smile of your own, now is the time to share my candy floss!

When I think about positivity and negativity I always try and visualise them. Some days positivity will look like pink fluffy candy floss, something that will make you happy and smile and on other days it may be a serene lagoon that lends itself to calmness and self-awareness. Negativity on the other hand doesn’t vary […]

Free your mind, find your pen! Journal your way to positivity.

How easy is it to remember the bad things? When Mr Negativity and Mr Anxiety have control of our positivity switch it seems that all we ever recall are negative events and emotions. Ask someone the simple question of what was the last thing that made you belly laugh, the kind of laughing where you […]

How to feel lighter as your anxiety floats away

We have all heard the saying emotional baggage, life is not always easy, but it shouldn’t always be hard either. The one thing that we can put money on is every day we will have an experience of some description; it is then up to us whether we put it in our suitcase of emotion […]

How to remind your inner voice to be your cheerleader

When I was a little girl, I watched an old cartoon where all the food that someone had eaten got put back together in the persons tummy and two sausages were in a boxing ring having a fight! It’s strange how impressionable we are at a young age, this cartoon had a huge effect on […]

Positivity – Does it make you feel positive?

Be Positive! It is so easy to say but, it’s not quite that easy is it? We all know that we should be positive, it is a mantra that is said many times a day all round the world, if someone is feeling low you can almost guarantee that a friend, colleague, family member even […]


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