Managing Arthritis with M.C.C.

Arthritis is a common condition that causes pain and inflammation in a joint.

In the UK, more than 10 million people have arthritis or other, similar conditions that affect the joints.

Arthritis affects people of all ages, including children.

Types of arthritis

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the 2 most common types of arthritis.

Excellent product

When I first saw your thread on Facebook, I was sceptical that your pain balm would work for my husband. He has arthritis in his knee, and he is now walking bone on bone. He knows he will never be totally free from pain and has accepted that. He takes pain medication, which helps.

He uses your pain balm twice a day and it soothes his pain and for me that is priceless, thank you.

Mrs Partridge, Trustpilot

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Symptoms of arthritis

There are lots of different types of arthritis.

The symptoms you experience will vary depending on the type you have.

Common symptoms of arthritis are:-

  • joint pain, tenderness and stiffness
  • inflammation in and around the joints
  • restricted movement of the joints
  • warm red skin over the affected joint
  • weakness and muscle wasting

Warrior Balm

Warrior Balm is by far our best selling product, a soft, topical balm that melts quickly and easily into your skin, allowing it to get to work at dialling down your pain levels.

It’s ability to deal with chronic pain has proven to be exceptionally effective and has become the first choice of pain management for thousands of our customers.

Warrior Balm is applied directly to the site of pain and the results can be intensified by adding heat from a hot water bottle or wheat bag on top of the area.

As Warrior Balm is a natural product, it can be applied as often as required. When you first receive your Warrior Balm, we recommend applying every 20 minutes until you feel on top of your pain, this will usually take between 2-4 applications if your pain is high. Once you feel your pain is at a manageable level you will find that you will not need to apply as often.

Warrior Balm Bath Sherbets

A hot bath can make you feel so much better. The warmth and buoyancy have relaxing and healing effects which are soothing to arthritic joints. Heating pads can have similar results; however, they do not compare to a warm bath which surrounds your entire body. The warm water can increase the temperature of your muscles through deep heating. Basically, the warm water stimulates blood flow to stiff muscles and joints. The soothing warmth helps relax your muscles, reduce muscle spasms, and promotes tissue healing. 

Warrior Balm Bath Sherbets are the perfect bath time accompaniment, the minerals and essential oils encapsulated in our Bath Sherbets absorb into your body through the skin. This may help relax muscles, reduce swelling and pain from arthritis, and relieve pain from fibromyalgia and other various causes of chronic pain. Our Bath Sherbets are also suitable for use in a foot spa.

Warrior Balm Shower Suds

Warm water therapy works by expanding your blood vessels to allow more blood and oxygen to flow to the painful area. This increased circulation helps to relax your muscles and sore areas. Just twenty minutes in a warm shower can be great for pain management for arthritis.

Warrior Balm Shower Suds are designed to work with the heat of the shower and are blended with the same hard working essential oils as Warrior Balm, to help kickstart alleviating your pain. For optimum results apply Warrior Balm once dried too.

We also have an online support network with over 7,000 members who manage their symptoms daily with M.C.C. products, a lifeline for support and a forum to talk to others who understand. Our support group is a positive community with focus on well being.