Managing Restless Leg Syndrome with M.C.C.

Restless legs syndrome, also known as Willis-Ekbom disease, is a common condition of the nervous system that causes an overwhelming irresistible urge to move the legs.

Symptoms of restless legs syndrome

The main symptom of restless legs syndrome is an overwhelming urge to move your legs.

It can also cause an unpleasant crawling or creeping sensation in the feet, calves and thighs.

The sensation is often worse in the evening or at night. Occasionally, the arms are affected, too.

Restless legs syndrome is also associated with involuntary jerking of the legs and arms, known as periodic limb movements (PLM).

Some people have the symptoms of restless legs syndrome occasionally, while others have them every day.

The symptoms can vary from mild to severe. In severe cases, restless legs syndrome can be very distressing and disrupt a person’s daily activities.

No longer sceptical

I have to admit I have become very sceptical about all products that say “can” relieve pain and having suffered with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and Restless Leg Syndrome for a lot of years there’s not much I have haven’t tried, however I came across M.C.C on face book felt so felt very sceptical. I will be eternally grateful that my scepticism took a rest as Muscle Magic has virtually taken away all my restless leg symptoms easily enough for me to get to sleep instead of walking the house or “hot” showers in the early hours of the morning and the effects only took about three days. Sleepy Head Night Time Oil is up there at the top also for actually being very effective. Thank you M.C.C.

Janet Moffatt, Trustpilot

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The sensations associated with RLS are most often compared to an itching or tickling in the muscles, like “an itch you can’t scratch” or an unpleasant “tickle that won’t stop.” It has also been described as a ‘creepy-crawly’ feeling or like there’s fizzy water inside the legs. The sensations typically begin or intensify when a person is in a relaxed state:

  • Symptoms tend to be worse if a person is in a confined space such as in a cinema seat, a car or on an airplane, or when a person is relaxing, sitting down or in bed.
  • Symptoms are usually worse in the evening. In many cases symptoms only occur in the evening, especially when the person is trying to get to sleep. The symptoms can make it difficult to relax and sleep, leading to tiredness the next day.
  • Symptoms are usually eased briefly by moving, walking, massaging or stretching the legs or affected area. However, the symptoms tend to return shortly after resting again.
  • Symptoms usually affects both legs but can affect other body parts too.

In addition, most individuals with RLS have limb jerking during sleep, referred to as Periodic Limb Movements (PLM), an objective physiologic marker of the disorder which is associated with sleep disruption.

Muscle Magic Massage Oil

Muscle Magic Massage Oil is a beautifully relaxing treatment that helps soothe RLS, most effective when applied before the symptoms begin, although it will quickly calm them if applied once they have begun.

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A Muscle Magic Bath Sherbets bath is ideal for quietening Restless Leg Syndrome, magnesium teamed with our proprietary blend of ingredients, including therapeutic grade essential oils, calm and relax enabling you to get a restful sleep.

We also have an online support network with over 7,000 members who manage their symptoms daily with M.C.C. products, a lifeline for support and a forum to talk to others who understand. Our support group is a positive community with focus on well being.